The Cold Never Really Bothered Us Anyway

by Jamilla Janina Alves ● June 14, 2021,9:53 am

The Cold Never Really Bothered Us Anyway
An End to End Cold Chain Supply Chain Solutions Provider

Cold chain is not limited to facilities, it also includes transportation, trained personnel and effective management.

More essential than ever, cold chain is an enabler of COVID 19 Vaccine roll outs. Even before the pandemic, F2 Logistics Philippines, Inc. has been serving not just the Pharmaceutical industry (through medicine storage and delivery); but also, various companies that carry food (not limited to fast food), fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and even frozen dairy products. Basically, F2 can handle almost any supply chain engagements that has temperature requirements.

As the importance of cold chain is heightened due to the pandemic, F2 did not only increase cold chain capacity through acquisitions of new reefer (refrigerated) vans but moreover, improved capability through the extensive experience by personnel and management.

Our investment to growth and evolution is our commitment to this country.


For Domestic Concerns:
Business Solution Business Unit
Nessa Duaso
AVP Sales
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Supply Chain Business Unit
Maoui Stevens
AVP Sales
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Value Chain Business Unit
Rodrigo Vallarta
Sales Manager
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For International Concerns:
Global Logistics Business Unit
Arley Gregorio
Sales Manager
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