New App Monitoring Port Crane movements Launched in Manila

by admin ● June 26, 2015,11:03 am

An App that provides visibility over crane activities at terminals has been pilot- tested in the Philippines, the first country to use such a service.

Piloted in early April during two vessel port calls at the two Manila Terminals, the app “allowed shipping line representative to log unambiguously the exact activity timing for the cranes handling the vessel calls, discharging or loading containers,

handling hatch covers and gearboxes, waiting for yard trucks, meal

or shift breaks, weather conditions and other events affecting

the crane work,”


  • Down-loadable in Google Play
  • Cloud- based that can be used even in smart phones and tablets
  • Monitors Crane Activities at Terminals
  • Establish High technology Monitoring
  • A kind of tool that can easily help to direct the efforts where improvements should take place

Users of Crane Logger tick buttons that correspond to activity while the vessel is at berth; the app automatically calculates and reviews the statistics. Data is synched with the Crane Logger app, providing the user instant access to all crane activity logging as well as enabling a crane status dashboard for online stakeholders. Data is only available to the user, but can be shared with the user’s clients. Data stored can’t be tampered with, Bendt said.
Crane Logger can be used by terminal operators, stevedores, port authorities, shipping lines, agents, or their appointed third parties, providing greater visibility to users.
According to René Bendt, director of ARL-Shipping Limited, developer of the app, The app can be downloaded for free but requires a monthly usage fee. “The app/cloud way is indeed more cost effective than conventional software used for port operations,” Since Crane Logger is an app for recording all crane activities, it requires a reliable staff to click the buttons and do the reporting, For this Bendt suggests hiring a third party to ensure accuracy of data reported.

Soon, a sister unit of ARL-Shipping, will provide a handheld user interface for Android, iOS/iPhone as well as Windows Mobile native devices, allowing stakeholders visibility over ongoing crane activities wherever they are located.

Bendt said that aside from crane activities, there are plans to expand coverage of the app to encompass the entire range of activities engaged in by a ship in a terminal, including pilotage, tugging, mooring, and immigration.