ISO Tank

F2 Global Logistics Inc. is a proud owner of a fleet of ISO Tanks as these containers have the capacity to obtain and transport liquids, food grade and chemicals both non-hazardous and hazardous. Our tanks could transfer in large volumes while observing the safest, most efficient, economical and environment friendly way. Each ISO tank which is built to the ISO standard (International Organisation for Standardisation), is manufactured with stainless steel and further surrounded by multiple types of protective layers. ISO tanks are very powerful because it can measure to around 20 feet measurement and can carry 14,000 liters to 26,000 liters of liquid.
F2 is part of the very few in the Philippines to have this capacity to deliver this kind of service.
We have served companies from various industries: manufacturing, pharmaceutical, petroleum, oil, and other industrial companies.
And just last December, 2019, our ISO Tank service has made its first successful international delivery to Malaysia.
ISO Tank service is our commitment to our vision to be the partner of choice for world class supply chain solutions.
Science and Technology will have integral roles to play as we progress to the future, and ISO tanks are definitely part of that.
For inquiries, please feel free to contact F2 Global Logistics, Inc.:
Arley Gregorio
Sales Manager

Gerlie Cantil
Project Manager