F2 Logistics Gives Children a Brighter Future

by Admin User ● July 12, 2018,5:00 pm

The newly awarded F2 Scholars for the school year 2017 – 2018 from (left to right) Erika, Danielle, Dylan, Thirdy and Louis together with the Pres. & CEO Efren E. Uy and Director Carmela Uy.


F2 Scholarship started in the year ____ , this CSR project has given many students a brighter future ahead. F2 Logistics yearly scholarship program is a way on giving back to these kids that have loads of potential. Hopefully one day these scholars are proud to say that F2 Logistics has given them a chance to be a change in the society.


To be eligible to become a F2 Scholar, one should be a child/children of an F2 regular employee, have a final average grade/ cumulative over all GPA not lower 87% or its equivalent, not having a failing grade, not have a record of any form of disciplinary action and must have fully completed and submitted all application requirements on time. Once the student has past all of these requirements there will be a screening and selection process. The applicant should have an excellent academic performance, leadership ability, has received numerous awards and participated on extra curricular activities. Aside from the applicant, the parent of the applicant needs to have a good work performance and attitude as well.


These kids one day will realize how F2 Logistics has given them a good future and they will say one day that they are proud to be an F2 Scholar.

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