Project Cargo

Oversized cargos need massive delivery capacity. Unconventional dimensions need specialized handling. Our Project Cargo capacity provides specially customized designed solutions to your oversized and unconventional requirements. This is the commitment of F2 Logistics Philippines Inc. and F2 Global Logistics Inc. to be your partners not just in freight forwarding, but furthermore, your solutions provider.

Project Cargo is also frequently referred to as “Heavy Lift.” This movement comprise of single or multiple shipments that could be aided by ships, barges, cranes, trucks, planes and rail. It is one of the most complicated and intricate projects in the entire logistics industry because of the tendency of having stricter time frames of delivery and special handling. Though the transport may seem difficult, we just don’t look for solutions, we make them while ensuring that movement remains efficient and safe.

F2 Logistics has been active with Project Cargo. Capturing opportunities to tap different kinds of industries such as the hotel, construction, and telecommunication industries, to name a few. The most notable of them is the transportation of cell site equipment to various location within the Philippines. We don’t only cater to Domestic Project Cargo services as we also have international delivery capacity.

If you are an entity, company, organization or an individual who needs Project Cargo services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.