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JULY 4, 2018

THE goods that you see in malls, supermarkets, shops, fast food outlets and drugstores come from all over the country and the world. And F2 Logistics is, in most cases, the company that makes it possible for you to see them in the establishments you frequent. The man behind this company is Efren Uy, who finished his degree locally and earned an MBA degree from both De La Salle University and Stanford University.

Uy has 30 years of experience in the logistics industry. He was a professional before he founded F2 Logistics back in 2006.

“I started with three or four units and subcontracted the other requirements. With proper handling of clients, we grew exponentially. We now have a thousand trucks and hundreds of warehouses both for dry and wet goods all over the country,” Uy said.

“The business is about integrity,” Uy said. “We are like a bank because each day we carry billions of pesos worth of goods. Companies trust us because we have very good people with us and there is a lot of system in place; the best of technology, to ensure the safety of the goods we carry. We always research and invest in the best technology and update ourselves to keep ourselves on top of the market. In addition to that, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.” This exemplifies the highest standard of quality that F2 Logistics possesses.

To be successful, Uy expounds: “You have to have the will and the drive to succeed. That is no easy task. Roads will show different directions. To be successful, you have to take the right road with a lot of patience, a lot of drive. You have to keep fighting. F2 Logistics is a 24/7 job. Communication is key. And also, you have to love your job. We love doing it, whether for a small parcel or for a thousand cartons. We will deliver.”

Uy is the founder, president and chief executive officer of F2 Group of Companies, which is the parent company of F2 Logistics Philippines Inc., F2 Global Logistics Inc., F8 Prime Transport Services Inc., Fmoves Inc., Ultimate Yellow Transport Services Inc., FTrans Transport Corp., Fit Beyond Inc. and Agrifarms Inc. He is president and chief executive officer of all these companies, and chairman of MIREN Holdings Inc.

Uy is also a sports enthusiast who believes that sports promote discipline and provide young people an opportunity to improve their lives. F2 Logistics Cargo Movers, a professional volleyball team in the Philippines, is currently playing in the Philippine Superliga tournament. The team has won multiple championships, the 2016 All Filipino Cup and 2017 PSL Grand Prix. He adds that the company is also a sponsor of the La Salle women’s volleyball team and sponsors the Parañaque Patriots – F2 Logistics basketball team.

Uy revealed that the company is also conscious of its social responsibility. Aside from the volleyball clinics, F2 Logistics has a scholarship program for its employees and for other people in need. The company has helped many scholars finish their education. Aside from this, it also has a feeding program, goes tree planting and joins Brigada Eskwela activities.

“The medicine you take in the morning, the coffee that you drink, the fast food that you eat, the fruits you are enjoying are delivered by F2 Logistics. Our role is very important and is integral in providing each Filipino their daily needs,” adds Uy. He is one Cebuano who has certainly gone a long way to find his success in the business he loves, moving goods, making it possible for businesses to move their goods and get them on time and also importantly, intact.